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Welcome to The Illustrated Word

   ... A space which explores and celebrates Visual Literacy and Learning.





As a Visual Art teacher, studying my Masters of Ed. in Teacher-Librarianship, Visual Literacy has become a passionate interest in my studies.

This blog intends to show my discovery process through how I connect to others and other spaces associated with visual literacy. 


Along the way, I will share, celebrate and reflect upon what I discover in the hope to develop links and resources for myself and others.  


Why does visual literacy matter?

Images, symbols and design are dominant and complex texts found in our popular, everyday cultures. 

Visual literacy is an essential 21st century skill needed, not only to decipher text, but to also engage with others and be able to express ourselves.

"What is visual literacy?

The ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning from information presented in the form of an image."  (Portelli, 2012)

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