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This website is based on my research and enquiry about visual literacy for studies incorporated in my Master of Education Teacher-Librarianship degree.


I trained as a Visual Art teacher over 20 years ago but for the last 10 years or more I have not taught as I needed time to raise my family and give special attention to a child with higher needs.  In the last two years, I have returned to teaching only in a relief capacity and short contracts and have been fortunate enough to engage again with my first love of Visual Art teaching.  I have also had an amazing time spent in both a middle secondary school library and a primary school library during my teacher-librarian journey. 


The remainder of my time is spent still running a small contracting business with my husband and being a mum to Miss Eleven (year 6), Master Nineteen (university student) and my Master Twenty (our apprentice).


My great loves in life are my family, living on a rural property, inspirational art and of course, books.  It was my love of art, literacy and learning that drew me to begin my Master of Education in Teacher-Librarianship.


This space is informed by my teaching and study in a broad range of contexts.  It also relies on my observations and engagements with my own children, especially that of my Miss Eleven, who shares my passions for art and literature.

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